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Travel Tote

Travel Tote


Please note that this tote is hand painted. Each tote is unique in its own way. It is advised to handle with care, avoid excessive scratching and rubbing, for longer product life. All totes include a thick, detachable strap.

  • Shipping and Handling

    Please note, totes can be shipped up to 10 business days upon receiving payment unless otherwise specified. Your tote may be shipped sooner, but due to the pandemic, we may experience shipping delays.

  • Claims for Damage or Loss

    Please note, orders are typically packaged and shipped to our customers via USPS or UPS. Our quality assurance guarantee is that our products are carefully and attentively packaged prior to the delivery process. Proof of damage and loss of content forms can be submitted via for USPS deliveries or for UPS deliveries. Once our products leave our possession, en route to our customers — it is the customers responsibility to submit/file loss or damage claims with either USPS or UPS, depending on which carrier is used for your delivery. Thank you.

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